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3 Day Detox - Richberry
Natra-live introduces 3 Day Detox, a multi-berry extract with SEVEN superior berries and fruits blended into one of the most antioxidant-rich concentrates available.

6000 ORAC potencies

3 Day Detox combined antioxidant potential gives it an ORAC value of 6000. Each ingredient is specifically chosen from sound scientific research which substantiates both the potent ORAC value and the berry's natural health benefits.

This simple concept of 3 Day Detox is to achieve these aspects:

  • Reduce the amount of toxins and pollution in our body
  • Lessen the burden on our body's detoxification systems
  • Promote healthy eating, nutrition and supplementation to help our body effectively clear the toxins

Great Benefits of 3 Day Detox:

  • Improves immune function and purifies the blood
  • Isolates and eliminates free radicals and toxins
  • Strengthens body's fight against cancer cells and generate healthy cells in our body
  • Cleanses mucous, congestion, fermentation and inflammation in our digestive tract
  • Reforms addictions for sugar, salt, high glycemic carbohydrates, alcohol, junk foods and nicotine.

The objectives and various benefits provide a strong healing process and strengthen our body to further cleanse out toxins we have accumulated overtime that have resulted in our body being congested, inflamed, and damaged.