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Why Detox?

Reform your lifestyle and beat those addictions
for sugar, salt, high glycemic carbohydrates,
alcohol, junk food and nicotine!

Detox is a bodily process that transforms health threatening toxic substances - that come from our environment, diets, as well as our own bodies - into something harmless that can be flushed out by the body.

Our body's main detoxification systems are the liver, colon, kidneys, gallbladder, lungs, skin, lymph nodes, and blood, which help rid your body of wastes and toxins.

These systems were designed when the world was less polluted, but now, with intensifying pollution, our body's organs and systems have to work a lot harder to get rid of the increased toxins. One of the most complex detoxification functions is against heavy metals such as; lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel, arsenic and aluminium.

It is important to provide the body's organs and systems with proper nutrition to function and perform their best especially now that they are working much harder than before.

The healing properties of 3 Day Detox means your body can detoxify efficiently increasing your ability to cope with today's busy lifestyle, restoring you back to health and vitality.